I have a blind hole that I need to plug weld it is in a forged part so the hole is surfaced with scale. What is the best way to prepare this hole to be welded?
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    Monday, June 19 2017, 06:22 AM - #permalink
    You didn't say what dia the hole is, If you don't have one of those sets of round wire brushes. You can get one of the barrel cleaning wire brushes used for gun cleaning, Wally world should have a selection, chuck it in a drill motor and clean away. A larger dia brush might take a heavy push while spinning. If it is heavy curd and you have enough material in the area, You can use a reamer or drill just a little larger than the hole to clean it up. Then use some brake clean(no residue type) or acetone to clean any oil/or other out of it.
    one of these should do the job also
    And either a grinding point, or a small carbide burr or end mill
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