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Like this one, I screwed it to the cross braces that the casters are mounted to. Stopped the problem. When I finished and stored the engine mounts, I removed them for other uses.
Here are a couple.
Here is an 1/8 sheet pan on creeper casters. Great for under the truck tool caddy the lip also keeps stuff from rolling to the other side of the drive.
They also work well for easy moving of heavy stuff when not working on cars.

I'm also a fan of the roller bases from computer/office chairs.

1/2 sheet pan,see 1st photo
Popped riveted to the base for the times when working on steering,breaks and bearings.

And for your but as the small mech creeper seats don't seem to last.
I took the last seat from one and mounte4d it to a smaller base, I have to cut some of the excess screw shat off as it hits the drive when turned down.

And something I made 40 years ago, a disk brake compressor, has done the job every-time except when the daughter had an import and it was too large to fit in the opening. And I bought the kit on sale and with the coupon off at HF was almost cheaper than the clamp, angle iron and juice to weld it together.
mjoat@comcast.net (ptsideshow) Auto Body Mon, 16 Jun 2014 08:10:25 -0400
use of smaw in place of tig http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/use-of-smaw-in-place-of-tig http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/use-of-smaw-in-place-of-tig We found somewhere that we can perform SMAW on that. is it true? please tell the electrode and other parameters to do so.
kushdj04@gmail.com (kushal) Auto Body Wed, 03 Jun 2015 03:50:30 -0400
My 1992 - Golf mk3 GTI - 2.0L - 8v - complete resto. http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/my-1992-golf-mk3-gti-2-0l-8v-complete-resto http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/my-1992-golf-mk3-gti-2-0l-8v-complete-resto
I have been looking at your Autobody-forum and would like to be the first "big" projekt to be up here for review and judgement and maybe some advise along the way.

The problem of the matter is as follows.

The exhaust is BAAAD... i have bought myself a new one that im about to weld up... mild steel welding all bends and universal mufflers (AKA - might be the thing just for you)


There are a lot of titles out there like V8 crazy sound and so on... but im looking for good performance but sillent...
Therefore im going 2" straight pipe mufflers and no cat on this model (the one you see in the video is for a 1.6L petrol and is killing my engine)

Do you have any ideas how to make a v-band/connection diy tig-style?

Would i have to purge the exhaust before welding when mild steel ? would hate to make the exhaust and then make it vibrate to cracking..

If you have any other ideas to what i might do to this car to make it limo/clean in looks and not a bboy-rice-racer...

Alot more to come - but for now...

Have a nice day]]>
jonas.lauridsen@live.dk (jhonney) Auto Body Mon, 04 May 2015 04:58:18 -0400
Welding Aluminum for a 1914 Detroit Electric Car i Jay Lenos Garage http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/welding-aluminum-for-a-1914-detroit-electric-car-i-jay-lenos-garage http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/welding-aluminum-for-a-1914-detroit-electric-car-i-jay-lenos-garage
MrTIG@weld.com (Mr. TIG) Auto Body Fri, 20 Feb 2015 08:35:15 -0500
1963 Comet project http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/1963-comet-project http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/1963-comet-project

Well this is currently what I'm workin on.

Working on getting the floor pans patched up first then it will be a matter of what to start with on the body.

There is a fair amount of body work to do to bring it back to show worthy. I'm more worried about getting it road worthy at the moment.

I also have a 61 comet/ 60 falcon combo project that, once the 63 is on the road can get back into the garage.


I was wondering if anyone has a wire preference when doing sheetmetal work.
I'd most likely use a Lincoln buzz box for the floors... and perhaps tig the body panels... all depends on what I can get my hands on at the time.

I'm still looking for a machine that will not brake the bank and work well for sheetmetal..]]>
clopes@weld.com (63comet) Auto Body Wed, 27 Feb 2013 09:00:27 -0500
Recommendations for dirt bike skid plate stock http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/recommendations-for-dirt-bike-skid-plate-stock http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/recommendations-for-dirt-bike-skid-plate-stock I just bought my first TIG machine (AHP AlphaTig 200X) and I think my first real project is going to be a skid plate for my Husaberg FE390. I see all sorts of metal thicknesses on commercial skid plates and rock guards, some of them quite thin to enable them to be pressed into shape with stamping machines (like on my wife's F650GS or my R1200GS). Others are fairly thick.

I'd love to see some recommendations from some experienced folks on which aluminum alloy would be best to use to fab up a guard, and how thick the stock might be to provide good protection without adding too much weight.]]>
mlubrecht@wildblue.net (Michael Lubrecht) Auto Body Thu, 03 Apr 2014 20:57:19 -0400
The Last Run Car Show http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/the-last-run-car-show http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/the-last-run-car-show
Last year there was over 1000 cars entered! Here's a short little video showing some of the winners:

Bring your vehicles by and get some free welding done by Mr. TIG!]]>
tclouser@weld.com (tclouser) Auto Body Fri, 06 Sep 2013 09:06:27 -0400
Back purging stainless steel http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/back-purging-stainless-steel http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/back-purging-stainless-steel
What's the best way to accomplish it?]]>
TMNWelder@ymail.com (tmnwelder) Auto Body Tue, 27 Aug 2013 21:11:53 -0400
TIG Weld Nickel Bronze? http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/tig-weld-nickel-bronze http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/tig-weld-nickel-bronze
Can I use my TIG set to join the steel tubes with nickel bronze?

Or do I still need to break out the gas set?

Clearly, eliminating the need to use flux helps the post weld activity.
Thank you.]]>
mark@kartist.plus.com (kartist) Auto Body Mon, 10 Jun 2013 18:12:06 -0400
Welding 4130 at the Indy 500 http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/welding-4130-at-the-indy-500 http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/welding-4130-at-the-indy-500 tclouser@weld.com (tclouser) Auto Body Wed, 22 May 2013 13:56:19 -0400 why does my go kart engine have no spark? http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/why-does-my-go-kart-engine-have-no-spark http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/why-does-my-go-kart-engine-have-no-spark
Here goes...

"I welded on my engine and now all of a sudden there is no spark. could it be that i have reversed the polarity in the magneto? or should i just buy a new recoil and hope for the best?"

Go go gadget weld response!]]>
pizzawelder@gmail.com (pizzawelder) Auto Body Mon, 29 Apr 2013 17:01:07 -0400
TIG vs MIG on Auto Restoration http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/tig-vs-mig-on-auto-restoration http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/tig-vs-mig-on-auto-restoration
Has anybody done a video on which process (TIG or MIG) is more beneficial to use when working on cars? Mostly panel work at this point.]]>
stickYweld@ymail.com (stickyweld) Auto Body Tue, 09 Apr 2013 08:23:25 -0400
BMW 1600 http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/bmw-1600 http://m.weldtooling.com/index.php/en/weekendwarrior/bmw-1600 and....
what settings would you use?
I know each machine varies but at least point me in the right direction ;)]]>
Supraman007@gmail.com (Shane Reese) Auto Body Tue, 26 Mar 2013 11:31:41 -0400